New Comer Induction

Why do we need to ensure a well team member induction?

Induction is a key stage for team members & they will remember this period for a long time.

Their future performance heavily relies on this stage.

Why & how create a new IT profile & assign software rights for a modular job?

This action is very important to define the skills & modules of your team member (modular job also). If you don’t give the rights of modules needed, your team members won’t have access to the appropriate IT tools and you won’t be able to manage the competency & performance in HR tools.

Why & how to build individual modular training plan (PIF) of my team members?

After allocated the job of your team members in My Identity, you need to explain the training plan of your team or your new comer. For a modular job (ex: PL, OPM, etc.) you need to allocate one or several modules to the training plan in My Progress. Your team member will have a complete tranining plan of his/her skills by module.