Frequently Asked


Do we need to be validated for Level 3 "autonomy" in the skill matrix?

The Active Learning process is to let the full freedom to Decathlonians to evaluate themselves their level. Understanding that to reach level 3, it means "I know + I do" !! Therefore, each one knows perfectly if he is doing or not ! To facilitate the task, we have created some Self evaluation form. The purpose of this tool is help anyone to have the right awarness going through a demanding self questioning.

How to get validated as Level 4 "referent" for a skill?

A referent for a skill, reaches level 4, after proving that he spreads the skill. This requires a process explained in the REFERENT CORNER page and express validation of spreading this skill, "correctly". The Referent Survey feedback form has been created to ensure this validation of spreading with a demanding level. Should you have more questions, you can also connect with the referents that are in your geographical zone : REFERENT FINDER.

I want to change posture from Training to ACTIVE LEARNING... How to do ?

Active learning is the opposite of passive learning : ⏩ it is learner-centered, not teacher-centered, & requires active participation serving performance ⏭ it is a posture that makes you RESPONSIBLE to OWN your LEARNING PATH.
🔀 What is the LEARNING PATH? from 0 to 4 level (autonomy)...
🔁 How to RECORD my LEARNING GROWTH? from Skill Matrix analysis of competency needs to regular Self Evaluation and debrief...

Check the Active Learning slides or the explanative video.
The associated competency is "to promote the competency management" aka CIEC within Continuous Improvement domain. Get skilled on the CIEC competency here, using active learning posture