I manage the industrialization step in order to ensure a stable, reliable and profitable process.

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I check Tex Cpt Lab Test report
I check Tex Cpt vs Techpack
I analyse risk Tex Cpt/ process
I check Tex Cpt techpack content
I animate Indus Planning
I evaluate Process Risks
I manage Supplier Action Plan
I perform Indus Assessement
I manage Tex Cpt INDUS
I master Tex Cpt INDUS rules
I analyse CBD Tex Cpt
I understand CBD content Tex Cpt
I become Tex Cpt DPR Assessor
I know Chemical Finishing skill
I know Dyeing Cellulosic skill
I know Dyeing Synthetic skill
I know Knitting skill
I know Mechanical Finish. skill
I know Metal Accessories skill
I know Plastic Accessories skill
I know Textile Accessories skill
I know Weaving skill
I know Yarn skill
I know and apply Tex Cpt BASICS
I master Tex Cpt DUPLI rules
I validate Tex Cpt DUPLI
I measure & improve Efficiency
I optimize Tex Cpt process route
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