#Assess GO#Assess Go--Andriod and IOS App is released from Mar 2nd for all

Assess Go is growing up quickly in this special period since Assess Go would like to catch up with the chance to boost and provoke on "Supplier autonomy" through Self Assessment culture and routine build up with managing Assessment at supplier at anytime and anywhere. Today, It is the worldwide App release for Android and iOS Assess Go App. It is surely a good news. Now, Assess Go is with 3 formats, Mini App, App and Website: http://assessgo.decathlon.cn(The website can be opened on your mobile phone as well. Then, You will find below there are 2 steps to download it: 1. Open with your PC below links. iOS: http://d.alphaqr.com/q8g9 Android:http://d.alphaqr.com/dgr4 2. Scan the QR code with your phone from the above opened link. Below two videos will guide you for the downloading and installation: Download iOS Assess Go app.mp4 Download Android Assess Go App.mp4 Both of these two approaches, Once you downloaded and installed, when there is any new version, when you open Assess Go App, it will remind you as below, Just click on "update", It will auto upgraded to the newest version. Meanwhile, There is also one tip to share with you, When you were the mini App user through Wechat for Assess Go, you can also add this mini-App to your mobile desktop, use it as an App for Android phones: Set Mini App as an App on Andriod.mp4 Last but not at least, Below QR code is the We-chat Assess Go official account which is auto sending news and notifications as well as good practices, Add it for an easy use. Thanks again and also welcome you with the feedback here.