#Assess Go--Breaking news: you can edit mini App on PC by We-chat windows installed

Today is the April Fools' Day, and as usual as last year, I am not telling you a joke.

How are you doing? In different countries, We have been more solitary than ever by fighting with the Virus, and I wish that we can be more creative, more stronger than ever to beat it back and return as a branding new us.

Here, Assess Go is making the effort to help you than ever on driving supplier autonomy by digitized way, And you will find some breaking news here:

1. iOS and Android was developed out from Mar 2nd with offline mode from Mar 16th. And As you know, the lead time and development complexity is much higher than Mini App.

Therefore, In this special period, We have frozen the new development with iOS and Android App, But you have all the functions which are ready and OK to Plan, Do, Check and Act for one Assessment.

2. For users excited about trying all the newest features in Assess Go, jump ahead of the curve by using the Edge Version of Mini App,(In software industry, it is a common way to say "edge version" when referring to a version with all the newest features,stable, and ready for user feedback) Only available through We Chat's Mini App. Just download we-chat on your phone,then scan & go! Or download We-chat windows App on your PC. (It was a excited news offered by We-chat windows format several days ago and we take the benefit from it for free)

Here, It is a quick guideline for download We Chat Windows App on your PC, and You can "View" "Edit" on your PC with Assess Go freely as well.

FYI: A quick list of the more functions on Mini App:

- Users are OK to add OPMs and PTMs for each supplier.

- Support for new chapter assessment flow to help new SSE assessors with Gemba Assessments (how to check & questions to ask) are now available in English & Chinese - Notifications go through Assess Go official account. - Share assessments, each page is OK to share by click on the three dots ... on the right top.

- When reviewing CAP Close, users can see last assessment result for every question.

3. The user data to share with you:

Total Decathlon users: 2580, Active users: 1708,

Total supplier account created: 256, Active supplier accounts: 85

4. You will find below who are the active users of Assess Go. and Applause for your great anticipation.

Looking forward to hear from you for your feedback and great ideas to improve it as well.