Francois will take over from Lionel as Industrial Purchase Director

For several years, Decathlon has engaged a partnership strategy for its industrial purchases. This strategy is a must to enable more valueS creations for our customers such as long lasting competitiveness of course but much more then this : Optimization of the leadtime, agility of our manufacturing, co-development, access to technological and industrial innovations, protection of those who manufacture our products, as well as our environment preservation ...

I am pleased to announce you that François Pierlot will take over from Lionel Dias as Industrial purchase director.

Integrated into the Industrial performance hub project, François will lead the necessary evolutions of the purchase module (on processes, roles & job, skills and tools). At the service of the 'united industry' project, he will also lead our “More industrial partnerships for more valueS” strategic axis and animate the enlarged purchase network. Especially in this difficult time our company is facing with the Corona virus, Francois will help to coordinate our actions in purchase.

In parallel, François will maintain his current position as metal process leader. He will adjust his organization to balance his time between these two challenges. This double anchoring will allow him to put himself at the service of the industrial community while preserving an operational application territory.

Also, I would like to thank Lionel for his actions on the purchasing module in the last years. Lionel laid the foundations for Decathlon's industrial purchase. He structured & organized major events such as the partner days. He created & engaged the buyers and OPMs networks, thus contributing to the professionalization of our practices. He was strongly involved in the 'active learner' project carried out by the Hub ...

And it is only natural that he now joins the Footwear team to lead the strategic purchase.

I wish both of them a lot of success for these exciting projects !

André Marc

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