Hub project is progressing #2 debrief

Please find below the last updates about our hub project axis #2

#2 Developing United networks to be stronger together

The crisis that we’ve faced has demonstrated again that the best way to become (or remain) performant in our more & more complex world is to be connected into as many communities as possible !

Our common 1st big community is naturally the ‘United industry’ gathering all DPP & Process to which we all belong to.

Collectively, we have built up “UNITED INDUSTRIAL PROJECT” with 6 drivers last December, drivers’ leaders also have been identified.

Find it here.

Please, connect with the drivers’ leaders to take advantage of the corporate project.

Second good news is about the number of posts on the Industrial Good practice platform :

In the last months, we’ve seen an explosion of the number of posts with more than 400 posts during the COVID period. Our community with its 1662 members is on the way to become the #1 community in all Decathlon!

If you are not yet a member, you are already late but it ‘s never too late to join...;-)

During this crisis period, our partners all have played the game. Difficult times show out the relevancy of our purchasing policy !

Francois Pierlot & Wilfried Cornet (or new purchase module leaders) will take advantage in the coming weeks to create more valueS from our supplier network:

  • Winning performances with our current partners

  • Nominate new partners

  • Develop new models of partnership

If you can not wait for more details, pay a look here or contact straight Francois.

Connect with Pierre Xu to get more info about this axis

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