Mid year thanks to ...

... each of my colleagues in production and industrial process who are fully dedicated to produce our everyday and holiday happiness!

Making sport available at the right time, with the highest quality/cost ratio. This is INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE. Towards happiness in sport for our clients and ourselves everyday.

It is already mid year... Keep it up..  learn.. practice.. improve.. share and take the leap from others!

>> Check the #HUBhabits created : referent survey, assessments, skill management routine, tools to assess <GO>... >> Pro actively learn and upskill : active learning attitude, new content in finance and legal, new content on partner's facilitation committees... >> Collaborate and learn from others : skill leaders, leader's posture, new Best Practices #newBP...

A huge thanks to our big community of HUBbers. We all are the change! Together toward industrial performance @ Decathlon.

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