Our hub project is progressing...

In the special context of the COVID crisis, our hub community including OPM, skill leaders, referents and hub teammates have done a great job to support the ‘united industry’ performances. Luckily, Decathlon is retrieving back from this terrible storm.

This is the right time to update you about our common Hub project status. Every week, we will focus on one single axis.

Find below the axis#1 debrief.

Enjoy your reading

André Marc

#1 Progress together - Autonomy level progress : 70%*

(only Production Team) *Level 3+4 realized vs target

With the lockdown, all of us have seen an explosion of the number of online meetings to share or skill up ! That is great ! We have re discovered that presential training is not the only way to skill up.

Among the good practices shared lastly, I recommend you the Sustainable Development weekly webinar. It s open to all including our partners and suppliers. Quick and efficient way to learn on this domain every week ! See here a guidance to set efficiently your own webinar.

Become your own competency coach !

It s an opportunity to remind you that you can take advantage of all the free material available on Decathlon Academy and on our platforms to skill you up. For each skill, you access to a Self Evaluation Form that help you to estimate your current know how. It s quick, easy and efficient :-)

Roles improvements...

In the coming weeks, our priority will be to support 2 key roles : OPM and Skill leaders

We ll come back to you very quick with new role names, new proposal of skill development…

You wish to react, please connect to Mathieu Wattinne to get more info about this axis

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