Why do we "like", share, comment & keep coming back?

1️⃣- Understand the psychology behind sharing on social media with the video *

2️⃣- Apply the SOP to create killer posts ! **



* every sharing creates value : we highlight weekly the ones that :

  .. beat the current standard with a #newBP (for new best practice) and relay it to the skill page of the HUB website

  .. the most engaging post each week, the one that created the most questions, duplications wants with #weekmostcollaborativepost 

  .. we will launch very soon a #transformed campaign, because, if you have copied and improved someone else idea, this is worth huge, as you go way beyond 

** All data on your sharings are transparent and available on my raw sheet.

#collaboration #GoodPractice #transformation #SHARE



change the prefix "youtube" to "hooktube" to download videos & watch it whenever you want :-)

SHARE IT WITH YOUR TEAM : add it as a Trello card for your next SUM !

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