Your HUB website is improving... as you asked...

✔ Same domain URL,

✔ better access to information,

✔ no more silos by domains.

✔ link between process/responsibilities and how it shows in the given KPI

DISCOVER in BETA, the HUB website revamped with 6 different entry levels.

by testing this URL we're developing in parallel :

Following your feedback on how to understand PERFORMANCE in the Industrial Division, you told us that the HAPPY PERFORMER playground made sense.

Yes, a Happy Performer can leverage autonomously those elements: 1. meaningful ROLES, 2. adequate COMPETENCIES, 3. working TOOLS and 4. rich PROCESSES

Those elements impact : 5. your KPIs and also... they differ depending on : 6. your ROLE + DOMAIN.

In max 3 clicks, you can access to detailed information (that was previously in a gsheet) and get context for this information with another element of your playground.

ex of navigation logic :

❔ which competencies are needed to influence this KPI?

❔ which tools are needed for this process step?

❔ which domain is concerned by this responsibility?

🔜 Purchase - Industrialization - and SD by this wednesday will be discoverable.

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